Google Search Quirks, Licensable Image Badge, Google My Business & Google Ads Hiding Keywords

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Издатель - This week was interesting, it seemed Google has some indexing or ranking issues outside of the US, but I was not able to replicate. I did post the monthly Google webmaster report. Google said it does not index links but rather the pages between the links. Google’s John Mueller talked about word count and rankings. Most SEOs believe that Google can panelize a site via a manual action without notifying the webmaster. Googlebot is now on version 85 of Chrome. Google launched the licensable badge in image search with new search filters. Google is testing a new product carousel. Google My Business is asking businesses to update their service availability. Also, Google My Business added some sort of integration with video conferencing. Google local panels can display descriptions and links in the local panel. Google local panels also show order pick up buttons. Google local listings also can show how many years a business has been in operation. Google Ads said the search term report will hide some search terms for privacy reason. Google Ads is increasing the price of ads in some regions to cover taxes. Google will disallow ads that profit off of or blame others for sensitive events. Google Ads added more conversion categories. And Microsoft Advertising launched its new console to all advertisers. Note, I think I had the frame rate on the camera too high, hence the lighting looking weird. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

(00:00) - Introduction
(00:51) - September 2020 Google Webmaster Report :
(01:28) - Google Indexing Issues Rumblings But I Cannot Replicate :
(02:08) - Google: We Do Not Index Links, We Index The Pages Between The Links :
(02:32) - Google On Word Count As A Ranking Signal :
(03:05) - Most SEOs Believe Google Can Penalize A Site Without A Notification :
(04:10) - Google's Googlebot Crawling As Chrome v85 :
(04:32) - Google Image Search Licensable Badge Now Live With Updated Search Filters :
(05:06) - Google Search Tests New Product Carousels :
(05:27) - Google My Business Requests Update Service Availability :
(05:42) - Google My Business Adds Adds Video Conferencing Integration :
(06:14) - Google Local Panel Displays Descriptions & Links With Scroll To Text :
(06:29) - Google Local Panels Order Pickup Button :
(06:45) - Google Local Listing Shows 20 Years In Business :
(07:02) - Google Ads Search Terms Report To Hide Some Searches :
(07:55) - Google Ads Tax Ad Increase 2% In UK & 5% In Turkey & Austria :
(08:13) - Google To Disallow Ads That Profit Or Blame Others For Sensitive Events :
(08:36) - Google Ads More Than Triples The Conversion Categories :
(09:13) - The New Microsoft Advertising Is Rolling Out To All :
(09:37) - Conclusion
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