Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console Setup

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* Tools
* Web browser: demo with Chrome
* Free Chrome extension: Google Tag Assistant
* Accounts
* Google Gmail Account:
* Google Analytics Account:
* Google Tag Manager Account:
* Google Webmaster Tools Account:
* Google Search Console
* Tasks
* Using a collaborative email account (i.e. client gmail)

1. Create a Google Analytics account and get the account ID
2. Create a Google Tag Manager account
3. Add the Google Tag Manager account to your SQS website
* Verify using HTML meta tag
* Add to SQS Advanced Code Injection
4. Using Google Tag Assistant on your browser, confirm GTM and GA tags are firing
5. Create Google Search Console Account (Google Webmaster Tools)
6. Install Google Search Console to your site
* Submit XML sitemap
* Why
* Gets your site indexed into Google’s Search
* Sets you up for adding all kinds of Marketing Tech tools without having to touch the code of your site
* Sets you up for a much higher level of engagement measurement
* things touched, looked at, scrolled to – way more than just pages visited
* Google Tag Manager Preview in action
Google Analytics
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